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Portfolios for Artists

by Grace Wyckoff '23, Career Ambassador, and Lauren Linder '23, Career Ambassador Mar 28, 2022

Portfolios are an excellent way to showcase your work and experiences. They are applicable in many industries, but they are especially important for creatives and artists.

Here are some portfolio options and ideas for artists:


While comprehensive, websites can be unattainable because of the price tag, especially for college students. The best thing about a website is that you can customize it to fit your individual needs and personal branding. You are able to highlight your projects and achievements, among other things. A website is a one-stop-shop for all things you! 

Squarespace is a popular website building platform.


LinkedIn is so much more than just a place to showcase your work. Not only is it free, but it allows you to connect with professionals all over the world! You can follow your favorite director and connect with your classmates. Utilizing the featured media section and keeping all your posts and information up to date is a great way to showcase a variety of work. You can also link your social media pages and reel. 

Sign up for a free account at


If you work with video frequently, YouTube and Vimeo are for you! These video-based platforms are a great way to organize and distribute your video content. While Vimeo has a subscription fee, it is a more streamlined and professional software. However, YouTube is great if you are just starting out. Be aware of copyright issues and festival requirements. 

Sign up for Vimeo.
Sign up for YouTube using a Google account.


A reel highlights all your best work in a short amount of time. Your most important reel is your impact reel. It can have any high-quality work on it regardless of your position. For example, dancers can have their performance and choreography experience all in their 60-second impact reel. Then, you can get more specific with 2 and 3 minute reels tailored to each position. 

If you are new to editing, there are many tutorials online to get you started!

Social Media 

Professional social media accounts are fun ways to highlight your work, showcase your personality, and keep colleagues (as well as your family and friends) up to date on all the wonderful things you are creating. Because we are in visual mediums, define your aesthetic to fit your personal brand as an artist. 

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are ideal for sharing a portfolio! 

If you wouldn’t want someone to hire you based on the work you are including in your portfolio, don’t include it. You only want to showcase the best work you have created. Choose the platform that is right for you and let your personality shine through! 

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