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The Value of the DSU Mentor Program

by Nolan Beck, Career Ambassador Nov 9, 2020

Ask a DeSales University student who he or she considers a mentor, and some will name a leader from the Character U program.  Others will point to a teammate on one of the campus’s athletic teams.  Still others will remind you that they consider multiple people mentors, and will list off numerous respected figures.  Many people forget that the Career Development Center offers a helpful resource in regards to mentoring: the DSU Mentor Program.

The DSU Mentor program pairs interested DeSales students with alumni of Allentown College and DeSales University to accomplish multiple tasks:

  1. It links students with an established member of their career path
  2. It enables networking for students looking to grow professionally
  3. It connects alumni with their alma mater in a way that plays to their strengths

For example, since I have a Data Analytics concentration within my Accounting major, I was paired with an alumnus who has been working as an analyst for various companies.  In making these connections, the program provides a beneficial framework that allows alumni to give back to their school of choice by helping to prepare the next generation for a career in the world outside of campus.  By meeting the needs of students and alumni, it forms a symbiotic relationship that can bring value for all of those involved.

In my own experience with the program, I have learned about post-graduation life and some specifics on the application of my classroom education in the professional world.  Through my first few conversations with an alumnus of Allentown College, I have gotten to know more about the steps taken following graduation, and how the experience on campus can affect someone’s career path.  With each student and alumnus having a unique experience and journey, I find it very useful to have someone with whom I can have a productive and informative dialogue about the process going forward.

Furthermore, since my DSU Mentor is someone working on projects related to my own educational experiences, I have been able to learn more about the application of what I learn, and how the knowledge I am gaining in school can be used.

"This benefit is of particular interest to me going forward, as getting an expert’s perspective on the field use of my studies helps me to refine my knowledge and decide what I might want to focus on while completing projects of my own."

The final piece of the DSU Mentor program that is relevant now more than ever is its virtual nature.  While in non-COVID times it might be possible for a student to spend time with the mentor on-site, a phone, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams call is easy, practical, and virus-free.  Given the ongoing pandemic, this virtual format doesn’t present much of an issue for those involved, as students have already shown their adaptability to online classes and alumni amidst their careers have demonstrated resilience as they have worked from home.

So check out the program!  The CDC is always interested in helping current and past students succeed, and if that can be done through your participation, we would love to help!

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