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Top 10 Apps for College Students

by Kathy Krause, M.Ed. Coordinator of Experiential Learning Jul 27, 2020


Today’s college student has a busy schedule and is constantly juggling classes, books and assignments.  With so much to do, what can make your life easier?  Well, we took a look at some of the more popular apps and can now say, “There’s an app for that”. 

Blackboard - The must have app to check in quickly with those assignments, discussions, due dates, and grades.  While slightly limited in the app form, most areas are easy to access.

Ted – Pick a subject and there is probably a TED Talk on it.  Do you need to learn more about economics, politics, and technology or are you just looking for something to do? TED probably has what you need.

Khan Academy – Is organic chemistry making you crazy?  Does economics make no sense to you?  Let one of the experts at Khan Academy break it down for you in simplified, reviewable steps.

Careers by Symplicity – This is the Bulldogs4HIRE website for your phone – Do you need to search for a work study position, find an internship, apply for a job or just check out what event is coming up?  Find it quickly with this app.

LinkedIn for Students – This little brother of LinkedIn is an easy way for students to check out jobs, internships, and watch for weekly tips designed specifically for students. 

Evernote – You can get yourself organized with this great app.  From recording lectures, to taking pictures of the whiteboard and making it searchable, attaching clipped articles, or scanning handwritten notes.

Twitter and Instagram - Yes, Twitter and Instagram both made our list because of all information they provide. Do you want to know more about the Copperhead’s specials for the evening or the latest information on dressing right for the internship (#dsuintern) or job (#dsucareer), you will find it here with a simple search. 

Venmo – Out for breakfast at the Coop and a friend lends you money?  This app makes it easy to access your bank account and send it directly into your friends account to pay them back - right at the table. If you are the lender, it lets you “remind” your friends to pay you.  

Quizlet – Study for that test with your own questions or access public questions, create your flashcards and share them with a friend.  This app is accessible from your laptop too.

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