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Class Agents

DeSales University Class Agents are a group of alumni volunteers from each graduating year who energize their class, participate in University happenings and encourage their classes to do the same, help current students in a variety of ways and generally support the efforts  and mission of the University.

Candidates for class agent might be former class presidents, student government officers, senior class gift committee members, residence advisors, President's Council members, athletes, donors, or other interested class members.

Class Agent Roles and Responsibilities

Non-Reunion-Year - Standard Responsibilities

  • Serve as an ambassador for your class by advising the Alumni Office of any information regarding classmates such as marriages, births, address changes, job promotions, deaths, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • Attend Alumni events including Presidential Tours, Homecoming, Lectures and participate in alumni to student events as needed including career/networking events.
  • Serve as recruiting officer to encourage others to attend annual events.
  • Assist the development staff with identifying members of your class or other alumni classes who may be well suited for service as a class agent
  • Work with the Director of alumni to design and execute a fundraising strategy for your class.
  • Help development office solicit your class for a contribution to The Annual Fund or other giving. Methods may include signing letters, making phone calls, and taking advantage of the Class Agent Challenge for the annual dinner dance.
  • Set a leadership example by making a gift to The Annual Fund at a level that is personally meaningful before asking others to give.

Reunion-Year - Additional Responsibilities

  • Beginning one year before reunion year, work with the Alumni Offices to recruit class members to serve on Reunion Year planning committee and to work on bringing classmates back for Alumni/ Homecoming Weekend.
  • Help alumni relations promote homecoming and reunion. Methods may include signing letters, writing personal notes, making personal phone calls and emailing friends and classmates.
  • Help alumni relations with special reunion year giving. Methods may include signing solicitation letters, writing personal notes, making personal phone calls and emailing friends and classmates.
  • Attend Homecoming/Reunion Weekend

Benefits of being a Class Agent

  • Official class agent I.D. card with access to the Trexler Library and Billera Hall's Compardo Fitness Center
  • Free admission to all Men's and Women's Basketball regular season home games
  • Student Rates (average of 50% off) on all Labuda Theatre Productions (2 ticket limit at student rate per performance)
  • Recognition in publications as appropriate
  • Special invitations to lectures and other campus events
  • Acknowledgement reception for class agents and team
  • Class Agents are highly regarded and are considered possible prospects for the DeSales President's Council and/or Board of Trustees.

For more information or questions on becoming a Class Agent please contact:

Mike Ritchie '90
Director of Alumni Relations
610-282-1100 ext. 2124

Class Agents (as of Nov. 15, 2016)

1969—Rev. David A. Williams, D.Min.
1971—Mr. Henry F. Kowaleski
1973—Mr. Peter F. Coyle
1973—Mr. William J. Markham
1973—Mr. John M. Stolte
1975—Mrs. Debra Barnak Burke
1976—Ms. Marie T. Chapman-Hill
1976—Mrs. Mary C. Farmerie
1977—Mr. Edward J. Emig
1977—Mrs. Maryanne Janus Weiss
1978—Dr. Patrick E. Kenny
1979—Mrs. Concetta DiNardo-Meehan
1982—Mrs. Lisa M. Boyle
1982—Mr. Martin D. Russo
1983—Mr. L. Edgar Teter, III
1984—Mrs. Debra J. Leaswitch
1985—Mr. John W. Dalton
1985—Mr. Thomas D. McCreesh, Jr.
1986—Mrs. Agnes D. Nines
1988—Mrs. Loretta E. Fox
1988—Mr. Raymond J. O'Donnell, Jr.
1989—Mrs. Amy L. Lowry
1989—Ms. Kimberley A. Telgarsky
1990—Mrs. Cynthia W. DeRose
1990—Mrs. AnnMarie D. Reteneller
1991—Mr. Lawrence M. Lowry
1992—Mr. Joseph W. Leary, IV
1994—Mrs. Amy R. Robinson
1995—Ms. Teresa A. McCarthy
1996—Mrs. Alice R. Karpa
1996—Mr. Gary M. Miller
1996—Mrs. Cynthia Staffieri Workman
1997—Mrs. Sharon L. Kaszyski
1998—Mr. David M. Glenn
2000—Ms. Katherine M. LaBuda
2001—Mr. Kevin A. Barry
2002—Mrs. Katherine E. McGuigan
2003—Mrs. Lauren M. Longo
2003—Ms. Meredith A. Longo
2004—Miss Kassandra P. Aristide
2004—Mrs. Elizabeth A. Koch
2004—Mr. Frank T. Mancuso, III
2006—Mr. Jonathan W. Andrews
2006—Ms. Mary C. DiFebo
2006—Mr. John M.J. Lanzilotti
2006—Mrs. Jennifer R. MacDonald
2006—Ms. Lauren B. McGarrity
2007—Miss Amanda B. Fabrizio
2007—Mr. Kevin Gardner, Jr.
2007—Mr. Matthew Lezinsky
2007—Miss Melanie C. McGregor
2007—Achille C. Scache, Esq.
2007—Mrs. Sarah M. Thomas
2008—Mrs. Alison L. Coglianese
2008—Miss Christina D. Hall
2008—Miss Maureen P. Leeson
2008—Mr. David B. Wasserman
2009—Mrs. Amanda J. Conklin
2009—Mrs. Sarah A. Lumi
2009—Miss Paige M. Mullin
2010—Mr. Andrew J. Ferretti
2011—Mr. Robert C. Filer, Jr.
2011—Ms. Caitlin M. Lenker
2011—Ms. Emily K. Mulicka
2012—Miss Lauren M. Karch
2012—Mr. Matthew G. Powell
2012—Mr. Christopher L. Willever
2013—Ms. Laura M. Morganelli
2013—Ms. Nicole L. Savitsky
2013—Mr. Michael A. Silvoy
2014—Mr. Justin A. Gambone
2015—Mr. John J. Bayeux, III
2015—Ms. Rebecca J. Bitner
2016—Mr. Luke G. Albrecht