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Shane Nauss '11 to Receive Young Alumni Achievement Award

by David Oblas Nov 5, 2018
Shane Nauss is a 2011 graduate of DeSales University with a Bachelor of Science degreein Psychology.
Shane NaussShane Nauss is a 2011 graduate of DeSales University with a Bachelor of Science degreein Psychology. It was through the Psychology program at DeSales that Nauss began developing a vision that would ultimately shape his career path. Nauss went on to pursue his graduate degree in Counseling and School Psychology from Immaculata University.

After completing graduate school, he returned to the Lehigh Valley to take a position as a School Psychologist at the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 located in Easton. As a School Psychologist Nauss applies expertise in mental health, education, and behavior to help children and adolescents succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. He primarily conducts comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations and provides behavioral consultation services to students with developmental disabilities in the Intermediate Unit’s Autistic Support program.

Nauss also works with students suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries in an effort to help them overcome their neurological impairments. He serves as a member of the Intermediate Unit’s Crisis Response Team, providing counsel and support to students of all ability levels who are experiencing a crisis in or outside of the school environment. In addition to his position as a School Psychologist, Nauss is an adjunct professor of human development at DeSales University.

Currently residing in Nazareth, Nauss enjoys running, golfing, and meeting friends for a few drinks. He remains close and keeps up with his teammates from when he ran track & field at DeSales University. Some of his closest friends and fondest memories were made being a part of a championship team at DeSales University under Coach Al.