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Sue Y. McGorry, Ph.D.

Assistant Provost; Professor; Department Chair of International Business, Marketing, and Pharmaceutical Marketing

Sue Mcgorry
Gambet Center 219

Sue McGorry is professor of business at DeSales University. Prior to her appointment at DeSales, McGorry held positions with Chase Manhattan Bank, AT&T, and UNESCO in France. Her professional memberships include the American Marketing Association (faculty advisor for the DeSales chapter), the Atlantic Marketing Association, the Marketing Science Institute, and the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators. 

Professor McGorry teaches Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Research, Data Mining, and Marketing Management. She has managed numerous service learning initiatives at DeSales University in both undergraduate and graduate programs. McGorry's research interests include service quality in healthcare and education, measurement, service learning, and technology in marketing and education.  

McGorry serves on the board of The Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center and Lehigh Valley Hospital's Institutional Review Board. She has authored a variety of articles and publications. McGorry earned the MBA and Ph.D. in marketing and applied social research from Lehigh University and has completed post-doctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.