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Robert Blumenstein, Ph.D.

Interim Provost, Dean of Undergraduate Education

Dr. Robert Blumenstein is the interim provost, dean of undergraduate studies, and a professor in the Department of Natural Science. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in the department, concentrating on anatomy and physiology, his primary area of interest.

He has studied at Drexel University as an undergraduate and completed his doctoral degree at Hahnemann University. In addition, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Cherokee Rehabilitation facility at McMaster University. His research interests include the impact of diabetes on the process of wound healing, and the use of tiny laser beams to isolate cancer cell DNA for study. Both of these interest areas have great potential to be of use in improving health care for many people with diabetes and cancer.

Dr. Blumenstein and his wife, Marilyn, live in Yardley, PA where lawn care and tree surgery take up much of his time away from the University.