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Melissa Carroll, Ph.D., MS

Associate Professor


Dr. Carroll is an associate professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. She earned a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree in anatomy from The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.

Teaching Responsibilities

Dr. Carroll’s teaching responsibilities occur primarily in the first and second year of the curriculum and include the Human Anatomy Series: PT 501 Human Anatomy 1 - Trunk, PT 502 Human Anatomy 2 - Upper Quadrant, and PT 601 Human Anatomy 3 - Lower Quadrant. Dr. Carroll is also a co-instructor in PT 631 Neuroanatomy and Function, and she is the course coordinator for the Research Series: PT 550 Evidence Based Practice, PT 650 Research 1, PT 651 Research 2, PT 652 Research 3, and PT 653 Research 4.

Scholarship/Research Interests

Dr. Carroll’s research interests include the scholarship of teaching and learning in anatomical education. Specifically, she would like to explore teaching effectiveness of cadaveric anatomy for specialized rehabilitation fields. Her plan to achieve this goal includes implementing a combination of long-established dissection techniques that are enhanced with technology-based training modules. One of her current research projects involves examination of anatomical dissection video use on clinical confidence and anatomical retention in Women’s Health Physical Therapists.


When not in the classroom or anatomy lab, Dr. Carroll is actively involved in the professional organizations with which she is affiliated. She also enjoys caring for her dogs, spending time with friends, and visiting her family in the Bahamas.