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Caitlin Owens, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor

Caitlin Owens is a Visiting Assistant Professor at DeSales University. Caitlin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at Ithaca College, went on to earn her PA teaching certification at Kutztown University, and then earned her Master of Science and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Lehigh University. Prior to earning her Ph.D., Caitlin also worked as an analyst for Hatfield Quality Meats. 

Caitlin not only has a passion for teaching, but a passion for learning. While barbecue is not Caitlin's favorite food, she enjoys going to Kansas City to grade AP Calculus exams. Her research interests include all kinds of combinatorics, most notably structural graph theory. She also derives great pleasure from doing research with students. Since earning her Ph.D., she has mentored two groups at the Moravian Research Experience for Undergraduates and has plans to mentor more! Her research interests include the 1HP problem, the 2HP problem, Forbidden Subgraph Problems, Graph Colorings, and Permutation Graphs. 

When Caitlin isn't teaching or doing math, she'd say, "I love to be" "in the water somewhere, got the blue sky breeze blowin' wind through my hair, only worry in the world, is the tide gonna reach my chair," and that she loves music trivia .... Name that tune! (Song and artist please... and no cheating!)