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Boyce Jubilan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Recent Professional Presentations:

  • Presented a poster entitled: "The Effects of Hycure Powder on the Rate of Wound Closure in Diabetic Mice" at the Federation of America Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Conference (April 22-25, 2002, New Orleans, LA).

  • Two papers were accepted for presentation at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association (Boston, March, 2002). These papers were entitled: "The Effects of Phototherapy on Children's Emotional Quotient" and "Aggression-Inhibiting Effects of Valerian in Mice."

Courses Taught at DeSales University:

  • Current Issues in Psychology

  • Drugs and Behavior

  • Endocrinology of Behavior

  • History of Psychology

  • Independent Research

  • Introduction of Psychology

  • Psychobiology

  • Psychopharmacology

  • Research Methods and Analysis

  • Cognitive Psychology

  • Biology of Behavior. Summer 1997; 1998 Professor, Summer Study Program in Austria

  • Neuroendocrinology of Behavior. Consortial Professor, Lehigh University (1996) and Muhlenberg College (2001)

Representative Publications:

  • Jubilan BM (1995-1999). Editor: Annual Edition in Biopsychology. The Dushkin Publishing Group, Inc., CT.

  • Bland KP, Jubilan BM, Lang CW & Nizamliogu M (1992). Failure to detect a putative oestrus-indicating pheromone in the urine and vaginal secretions of female sheep. Acta Vet Hung. 270, 40(1-2), 17-25.

  • Jubilan BM & Nyby JG (1992). The intrauterine position phenomenon and precopulatory behaviors in house mice. Physiology & Behavior, 51, 857-872.

  • Bland KP & Jubilan BM (1987). Correlation of Flehmen by male sheep with female behavior and oestrus. Animal Behavior, 35, 735-738.

Some Research Works in Collaboration with Undergraduate Psychology majors at DeSales University:

  • A study on consumer behavior patterns of people on welfare

  • The effects of scopolamine (a neurotransmitter blocker) on learning and memory

  • The significance of salivary nerve growth factor in female mice reproductive behavior

  • A search for human pheromones revelant in dyadic relationships

  • Effects of Nutritional Versus Non-nutritional Foods on Children's Behavior

  • E.Q., S.A.T., and GPA Correlations in College Students

  • The Effects of Current Events on Salivary Cortisol Levels

  • Effect of Ephedra on General Learning and Memory

  • The Effects of Noise on Spatial Ability Among College Students