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Anne Christine Guenther

Adjunct Faculty

Anne Christine Guenther holds an M.Div. equivalent with a specialization in church history and dogmatics from the University of Mainz, Germany. Mrs. Guenther is a dual citizen, born in the U.S., but raised and schooled in Germany (University of Heidelberg) and the U.K. (Cambridge). 

During her professional career she worked as an editor for a church news agency in Germany and – after moving to the States in 1996 – managed operations at a Silicon Valley web publishing company. Prior to joining DeSales as adjunct faculty, she was the product manager for digital services at OCLC in Bethlehem, PA. She advised many national and international library clients including universities, museums, and publishers to make their special collections digitally accessible on the Internet.

Each summer, Mrs. Guenther spends time in Germany for some immediate exposure to modern German culture. She summarizes: “Once you have lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic, you end up feeling like you settled on the ‘odd’ side as you observe and appreciate certain aspects of the respective cultures.”