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Once registered, I am responsible for all tuition and fees. If I do not plan to attend class(es), I will complete the drop process. Failure to attend does not release me from my financial obligation.
Failure to pay my bill by the due date will result in additional fees.
If I register, but do not attend class or officially withdraw, I will receive an "F" grade for each course, which will negatively affect my GPA. I understand that tuition refunds/adjustments will be based on the date of the official withdrawal and DeSales refund policy.
If I owe any money to the University, I allow the University to use any credit balances to pay off any tuition, fees, or collection fees before a refund is issued to me.
If my account is sent to collections for non-payment, I will be responsible for any fees incurred by the collection agency.
If I apply for Financial Aid and it is determined that I am not eligible (fully or partially), I will be held responsible for the outstanding tuition and fees.

All ACCESS course sections with a location listed as other than "on-line", meet on campus 54% of the required class time and 46% online.

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