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Political Science, BA , Minor


If you're interested in studying American politics, public policy, international relations, or political thought, and seeking a career in any of these areas, consider majoring in political science at DeSales University.

Political science students enjoy a wide range of challenging careers in federal, state, and local governments, business, international organizations, journalism, education, and law.  

The Political Science program at DeSales University has a lot to offer, including:

  • A wide variety of courses
  • Internships and study abroad programs
  • National Political Science Honor Society
  • Model U.N. Club
  • National Security Club
  • Field trips to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Harrisburg and more
Political Science at DeSalesPolitical science students enjoy a wide range of challenging careers in federal, state, and local governments, business, international organizations, journalism, education, and law.  

Admissions Requirements

At DeSales, we not only look at your past academic achievement but also your potential for future growth to determine your admission.

We find that students who have demonstrated significant achievement within a demanding curriculum are best suited for academic life at DeSales. Quality of academic performance plays a critical role in the admissions decision making process. This helps indicate a student's potential for academic growth going forward. We welcome applications from all qualified students regardless of race, religion, sex, national, or ethnic origin.

Application Checklist

  • Application Fee: None
  • Transcripts: Official High School Transcript
  • Standardized Tests: SAT or ACT scores—official from the College Board or on your official high school transcript.
  • Recommendations: Completed Guidance Counselor Form and Teacher Recommendation Form

All materials can be mailed to:
DeSales University Admissions Office
2755 Station Ave.
Center Valley, PA 

Additional recommendations

High School Academics - Remember, there is no single preferred high school academic program, but a college preparatory course of study is highly recommended. Here's an example:

  • Four years of English
  • Three or four years of college preparatory mathematics
  • A minimum of two years of modern, foreign, or classical language
  • At least two laboratory science courses

Visiting DeSales - A personal, on-campus interview is strongly recommended, but is not required. We encourage you to visit so that you'll have a chance to learn more about DeSales, and we'll have the opportunity to learn more about you, too.

Learn more about Undergraduate Admissions & Aid 

When to Apply

We encourage you to apply early in your senior year. We use a rolling admissions system, which means you will be notified promptly about your admissions status—usually within four weeks of our receipt of your completed application.

Priority deadline for scholarship consideration is December 1 of your senior year.


Wherever your passion lies in the field of political science, you can choose to follow your interests in one of our specialized tracks.

The program's areas of focus include general political science, pre-law, and national security.

Political Science-General Track

Want to learn all that you can about political science? This track is recommended for students who wish to pursue a general program of political science, applicable to many different careers.

Political Science-Pre-Law

If you're interested in going to law school, a bachelor's in political science with an emphasis in pre-law will provide the foundation you need. Pre-law offers an overview of all types of law, the criminal justice system, and communication strategies to prepare you for studies in the legal profession. Past students have gone on to receive law degrees from Dickinson, Georgetown, Harvard, Notre Dame, Stanford and Villanova, among many others.

Political Science-National Security

If you're interested in a career in the public or private sector dealing with national security issues, the national security track offers the preparation you need. The track provides opportunities to attend various intelligence symposiums at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., and the Strategic Studies Institute at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Teacher Certification

Would you like to teach? Add on our STEP teacher certification program. 



In a sleepy stone house on a quiet, rural street just South of campus, DeSales criminal justice students are about to walk into a murder scene. Or a terrorist threat. Or a national disaster. 

In meticulously detailed simulations, students put their classroom knowledge to the ultimate test as they collect evidence, conduct criminal investigations, and interview suspects — all while learning to utilize the tools used by today’s law enforcement professionals. 

Students have the chance to execute search warrants, collect forensic evidence (like fingerprints), and practice crime scene photography. 

The crime scene house is used for Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Political Science and Law & Society majors to simulate emergencies, national disasters, crime scenes, and courtrooms. 

It features multiple rooms to create a variety of different scenarios. And, there’s a state of the art classroom, too — so professors can teach directly on site. 

Careers & Internships

As a political science major at DeSales, you'll have access to exciting opportunities and internships to help prepare you for your career.

Shadowing Program

Freshmen & sophomores have the opportunity to spend a few days with selected employers in the Lehigh Valley during the spring semester. This allows you to discern your career goals in the early years of your education and gear the second half of your education toward these goals.

Some of the possible shadowing program employers include:

  • Court of Common Pleas, Northampton Counter
  • Fitzpatrick, Lentz & Bubba, P.C.


Apply your knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-life situations in the workplace. With the aid of a faculty supervisor, you'll plan out internships that will help you achieve valuable experience for your career development.

Graduate School

The Political Science degree can prepare you well for graduate school. Graduates from our program have gone on to get their Master’s degrees at the Institute of World Politics and The Bush School of Government and Public Service, and more.

Political Science Internship Options

  • The Fund for American Studies
  • Donahue Law Firm
  • U.S. Senator Robert Casey
  • Turning Points of the Lehigh Valley
  • Lehigh County Adult Probation
  • PA State Lisa Boscola
  • PA State Senator Pat Browne

Tuition & Fees

DeSales can help make your college expenses affordable through a combination of grants, loans, student employment, and scholarship resources.

Cost of attendance for undergrads for 2019-2020

Resident Students

Direct Costs Tuition - $37,200

Room and Board - $13,000
Mandatory Fees - $1,500
One-time Orientation Fee for Freshmen and Transfers - $200

Total = $51,900 (including freshman/transfer fees)
Indirect Costs
Books - $1,466
Personal Expenses - $2,808
Total cost for resident students: $56,174

Commuter Students

Direct Costs
Tuition - $37,200
Mandatory Fees - $1,300
One-time Orientation Fee for Freshmen and Transfers - $200
Total = $38,700
Indirect Costs
Books - $1,466
Personal Expenses - $2,808
Transportation Costs - $2,304
Total cost for commuter students: $45,278


Direct Costs
Tuition - $37,200
Mandatory Fees - $1,300
One-time Orientation Fee for Freshmen and Transfers - $200
Total = $38,700
Indirect Costs
Books - $1,466
Personal Expenses - $2,808
Transportation Costs - $2,304
Living Expenses - $7,048
Total cost for off-campus students: $52,326
*First year students are required to reside on campus or commute from home.

Parking Fee - $75

Dual Degree Undergraduate-to-Graduate Programs

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate-to-graduate degree program — for example a 5-year, 3+2, 3+3, program — the undergraduate tuition and fees apply only to the undergraduate portion of the program. As you progress into the graduate phase of your program, graduate tuition and fees apply. Please see your respective graduate program for more information. 

The financial aid process may appear overwhelming at first glance, but don't worry, we'll help you through it.

Accepted students are automatically be considered for scholarships upon receipt of a completed application and are awarded regardless of financial need. Funds for scholarships are limited, so we do encourage students to apply early.

Our comprehensive financial aid packages carefully explain the types and amounts of assistance —including federal, state, and institutional — that you may be eligible for to help cover education related expenses.

Total cost of attendance includes estimates for tuition, fees, room, board, books, and personal, transportation, and living expenses.

You can estimate your total cost of attendance with our Net Price Calculator

Crime House on Taylor Drive @Desales

Crime Scene House

In a sleepy stone house on a quiet, rural street just South of campus, DeSales social science students are about to walk into a murder scene. Or a terrorist threat. Or a national disaster ...


Investigate the Crime Scene House

Study Abroad

DeSales has an international experience for every student, every major, for every student athlete — we have something for everyone, no matter what.

We have many international agreements that allow you to study abroad for a semester at the same cost as your DeSales tuition, and you can use your financial aid!

Learn about our study abroad opportunities
Study Abroad Rome

Career Preparation from Day One

We're passionate about helping our students and alumni explore major and career options, find experiential education, and achieve post-graduation success in an evolving global world. 

Explore the Career Development Center

Thomas More Pre-Law Society

Thinking about attending law school as your next step after DeSales? Join the Thomas More Pre-Law Society for guidance. The group is designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession.

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