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Data Analytics — Applied AI, Minor


Adding a Data Analytics/Applied AI minor to your chosen major will make you stand out as a job applicant.

You will be able to communicate with senior management, determine expectations, create systems to analyze large quantities of data, and deliver that information in a concise report. 

This minor will give you the training needed to:

  • Critically analyze and anticipate patterns in organizational data
  • Create and build predictive models
  • Provide statistical analyses of data points and trends

Not available to students completing a track in data analytics.

Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence


A minor consists of 6 courses and is indicated on your permanent record.

  • Management 220 Data Analysis
  • Management 226 Introduction to Data Analytics and AI 
  • Computer Science 260 Databases & Data Visualization
  • MI353 Statistical Analysis & Predictive Modeling
  • MI462 Applied AI Platforms and Projects

Elective — Choose one of the following:

  • Computer Science 115 Introduction to Python
  • Accounting 345 Corporate Financial Analytics
  • Biology 257 Bioinformatics
  • Marketing 410 Marketing Research

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Brennan Pursell, Director of Applied AI Program