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Analytics: Degree & Certificate Programs

Businesses Need Predictive Insights. Data Analysts and Data Scientists Lead The Way.

For years businesses have “gone with their gut” to make decisions about customers, finance, logistics, sales and marketing. The truth is, this isn’t much different than flying a plane without instruments. In the modern business world, leadership wants to invest in data tools, but they need the talent on their team to make sure they get the best use of that investment.

That’s where you come in. At DeSales University, our applied approach prepares today’s new Business Analysts and Data Scientists to step into these lucrative roles. We will teach you how to capture and use data and leverage the most advanced software and artificial intelligence to convert that data into profitable business decisions, quickly and efficiently.

Which is Right For You?

Business and Data Analysts: Without Strong Analysis, It’s All Just Numbers

Analysts are crucial in using tools to analyze and evaluate data sets. Your analysis creates business-critical insights that can be leveraged by operations, customer service, finance, sales, and marketing teams to drive new business or refine business strategy. Your role will quickly add to the company’s bottom line.

Data Scientists: Drive Decisions and Predict Outcomes

Data Scientists use software tools and scientific methods to create processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. Within this role Data Scientist engage in data mining, machine learning and big data to produce data sets for analysis that are relevant to business decision-making.

Employer Landscape

  • Currently 2.7 million job openings
  • Projected to grow by 28% annually*
  • Positions Available with Bachelor’s, Certificate, and Master’s Degree.

*Growth data provided by IBM

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New: Data Analytics Tracks for Evening and Online Adult Studies

Several of our Adult Studies programs have added a new Data Analytics track. Don’t put off your dream of completing an undergraduate degree or propelling your career forward with a certificate.

Explore these Adult Studies majors to learn more: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management.

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Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence

Are you fascinated by artificial intelligence?

Have you ever wondered how computers learn? How Pandora© or Spotify© seems knows exactly what kind of music you like to hear? Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is sweeping through every sector of the economy. Dr. Brennan Pursell, MBA, professor and author of Outsmarting AI: Power, Profit, and Leadership in the Age of Machines is leading this exciting field of study at DeSales.  

Learn more about Applied AI

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