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Goal 4

Achieve financial, operational, and quality commitments.

DeSales will become a University that supports success through a foundational culture of data-driven decision-making and accountability, a capacity for collaboration, creative risk-taking balanced with financial sustainability, and outstanding infrastructure and effective operations.

  • Develop and implement models for improved operating / contribution margin for undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Meet or exceed fundraising goals.
  • Monitor DeSales' web and social media presence for effectiveness/ROI.
  • Realign DeSales marketing and customer-facing organizational structure.
  • Optimize the use of campus buildings and facilities to enhance revenue growth and community engagement.
  • Leverage analytics capabilities to enable data-driven decision-making.
  • Assess and revamp the faculty governance model to ensure divisional and committee structure is aligned with strategic priorities.

Goal 5: Leverage strategic partnerships and community outreach  

Educational Excellence
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