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Goal 3

Improve educational products and services.

DeSales will transform the development and delivery of higher education through a reengineering of pedagogy, processes, and systems centered on student learning outcomes.

  • Comply with MSCHE recommendations to evaluate core curriculum offering, assessment, and educational effectiveness.
  • Assess market opportunity and strategy to establish DeSales as a top-ranking online Catholic university in America.
  • Assess, reinvent, or add compelling academic programs, services, experiences through all modes of delivery to accomplish operating and contribution margin targets.
  • Research, acquire, deploy, and measure the effectiveness of emerging technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, specialized software, etc.) to enhance faculty teaching and student learning.
  • Create and communicate a competitive value proposition based on student (customer) needs and market competitiveness for all DeSales academic programs.
  • Define clearly and invigorate the DeSales brand; Launch marketing messages and resources to showcase DeSales' strengths.
  • Revise the Institutional Assessment plan by developing an institutional effectiveness plan that incorporates financial costs, program quality, and program outcomes analysis.

Goal 4: Achieve financial, operational, and quality commitments

Educational Excellence
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