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Goal 1

Deliver the best student experience.

DeSales will create a campus-wide learning ecosystem with students at the center. This ecosystem will engage students, faculty, staff and community partners regionally and around the world in a continuous and sustainable process of active learning based on student outcomes.

  • Develop DeSales customer service philosophy that places the student at the center of operational excellence.
  • Commit to establishing a welcoming ‘Uni-diverse’ community. 
  • Develop a student learning outcome model that tailors the learning experience (academic, co-curricular, career, athletic, spiritual, leadership) appropriate to each DeSales student type.
  • Develop/implement an innovative plan that makes affordability and accessibility a distinction of a DeSales education for all student types.
  • Develop or tailor DeSales Centers of Excellence to align programming with regional and workforce needs.

Goal 2: Inspire outstanding employee commitment

Student Experience
DeSales Color Bars - Decorative