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The Salesian Center

The tradition of Christian spirituality known as "Salesian" refers to the legacy of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal and their spiritual heirs. At DeSales University, we celebrate this legacy with reference to the people whose holiness is recognized by the Church.

The Salesian Center for Faith & Culture at DeSales University is modeled on a unique venture in the realm of education undertaken by St. Francis de Sales. Activities include research on faith developments in the modern world, dialogue about how spirituality can impact our contemporary life, and partnership with various public sectors to make the link between faith and culture happen.
Salesian Visiting Artist - Brother Mickey Artwork
Visiting Artist
Art and beauty provide us with powerful reminders of God’s abiding and loving presence in the world. They also point us to Christian Humanism, which lies at the very heart of Salesian Spirituality. This bridges the gap between Salesian Spirituality and the contemporary Cosmic Spirituality and Diversity at DeSales University (DSUniversity).
students at computers
Free Online Non-Credit Courses
The Salesian Center for Faith & Culture offers unique programs of studies in Salesian spirituality for persons interested in self-improvement through educational enrichment. These are not for academic credit.
Ryan Leadership Institute
This leadership institute represents a uniquely designed two-year initiative to provide students at DeSales University with a program of personal growth and leadership training in the context of Catholic spirituality in the Salesian tradition.
The Salesian Center's Faith & Reason Honors Program
Faith & Reason Honors Program
The aim of this program is to provide scholarship-level students with a unique opportunity to explore the "big questions" in life, in a small cohort of students, guided by senior-level faculty at DSU.
Salesian Center Lectures and Events
Lectures & Events
The work of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture focuses on three major areas of interest: education, dialogue, and outreach. Each of these areas includes numerous programs and activities that aim to fulfill our mission on the University campus and beyond. Each of these areas involves numerous people, including students, faculty, staff, visitors, celebrities, experts, and donors.
Forum for Ethics in the Workplace - Salesian Center
Forum for Ethics in the Workplace
The Forum's mission is to provide opportunities for people to come together for study, reflection, conversation, and action on ethical issues in the workplace, especially in the Greater Lehigh Valley.