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Our Mission

STATEMENT:  The interdisciplinary mission of the Salesian Center is to promote the interaction of faith and culture, in a mutually beneficial engagement, through academic initiatives that focus on the authentic integration of social concerns and gospel values, an integration that has been embodied in the lives of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal and that continues to be expressed in the tradition of Christian Humanism.

GOALS:  The specific purpose of the Center is to investigate and disseminate Salesian spirituality in a way that impacts contemporary culture.  As such, the goals of the Salesian Center are:

  • ♦   To promote the values essential to a "culture of life" as the cornerstone to realizing the mission of evangelization in the modern world  
  • ♦   To foster the mutual engagement of faith and reason that is a characteristic feature of all Catholic higher education   
  • ♦   To contribute, through specific programs, to the formation of ethical leaders who will put into practice the engagement of faith and culture; and   
  • ♦   To create the means for making a positive social impact in such a way that DeSales University will become recognized and known for its significant contribution to our world.


OBJECTIVES:  The method by which the Salesian Center realizes its mission and goals is to bring professionals and community leaders in a variety of fields together with members of the university campus (faculty, staff, students, and/or alumni) to collaborate in programs of research, dialogue and partnership as means of contributing to our culture.With such collaborative efforts on campus and in the broader community, the Salesian Center sets forth the following objectives for its work:

  • ♦ To provide support for continuing and specialized research, in terms of time and space, as well as material and financial resources  
  • ♦ To provide a forum for the interdisciplinary exploration of topics related to the integration of faith and culture  
  • ♦ To provide new means for disseminating the results of research and dialogue undertaken or directed by members of the Center  
  • ♦ To provide the organization through which members of the campus community can collaborate with other groups and institutions dedicated to the advancement of faith and culture   
  • ♦ To become internationally recognized as the primary place for the study of Salesian spirituality and its application to life in the contemporary world, and   
  • ♦ To become a distinctive vehicle for promoting the objectives of the Offices of Enrollment Management and of Institutional Advancement at DeSales University.


To learn how the Salesian Center fulfills the mission each year, consult our

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