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Our Graphic Identity

Our multidimensional identity is suggested by our NAME: 

  • It is a Center or place that is distinct from, yet seeks to unite, various departments and offices of the University. As such, the operation of this Center constitutes a separate administrative entity within DeSales University, whose programs and activities are, nevertheless, integral to all aspects of the life and work of the entire campus community.
  • This Center is concerned with matters of Faith & Cultureas these exercise a mutual and reciprocal influence on life in the modern world. The evangelization of culture is a constant concern and hallmark of the teaching of the Catholic Church. 
  • The fact that it is a Salesian center provides the essential and distinguishing characteristic of its work. Whereas some programs will focus directly on research into Salesian spirituality, all activities of the Center are qualified by their attention to the tradition of Salesian Christian Humanism.

These ideas come to artistic expression in the LOGO for the Salesian Center (displayed right):

The color scheme reflects the origins of the Florimontane Academy.

  • Orange represents the original emblem for the Florimontane Academy, an orange tree, which sought to capture the "flowering" of literature and the "fruits" of science. 

  • Green represents the earth, the field of endeavor of all human activity in the world and thus the "place" of culture. 

  • The symbols depict the life of faith in our contemporary world

  • The centrality of the Cross on the horizon represents the idea of redemption as the source and culmination of the Christian Humanist life.

  • The white path represents the belief that human activity in a redeemed world leads both to and from the way of salvation.

  • The full graphic symbol is a circle to represent the Salesian conviction that God's eternal love embraces all of creation and thus envelops all aspects of human life.