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Catholic Higher Education

In the Church's view of culture, as Pope John Paul II proclaims, higher education plays a predominant role:

What is at stake is the very meaning of scientific and technological research, of social life and of culture, but, on an even more profound level, what is at stake is the very meaning of the human person. Allocution to the International Congress on Catholic Universities, 1989 readingtext-PJPII

Given its affiliation with an institution of Catholic higher education, the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture embraces the honor and responsibility of searching for the truth about the human person, about the world in which we live, and about the God who is its source and fulfillment.

In this quest, the programs and activities of the Salesian Center will promote the ongoing engagement with culture called for in the apostolic constitution on Catholic Universities, namely

the encounter ... between the unfathomable richness of the salvific message of the Gospel and the variety and immensity of the fields of knowledge in which that richness is incarnated. Ex corde Ecclesiae,1990, no. 6.

In that landmark document, the pope articulates clearly the need for this kind of encounter:

In the world today, characterized by such rapid developments in science and technology, the tasks of a Catholic University assume an ever greater importance and urgency. Scientific and technological discoveries create an enormous economic and industrial growth, but they also inescapably require the correspondingly necessary search for meaning in order to guarantee that the new discoveries be used for the authentic good of individuals and of human society as a whole. If it is the responsibility of every University to search for such meaning, a Catholic University is called in a particular way to respond to this need: its Christian inspiration enables it to include the moral, spiritual and religious dimension in its research, and to evaluate the attainments of science and technology in the perspective of the totality of the human person. Ex corde Ecclesiae,no.7.

It is precisely this response which any center for faith and culture intends to provide. Our Salesian Center will do this in a distinctive fashion, through the promotion of that Christian Humanism which constitutes the legacy of our university's patron saint.