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Salesian Spirituality

The tradition of Christian spirituality known as "Salesian" refers to the legacy of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal and their spiritual heirs.  At DeSales University, we celebrate this legacy with reference to the people whose holiness is recognized by the Church:

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From our patrons, the tradition of Salesian Christian Humanism has been developed as a distinctive way to live, even in today's world. 

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Today's Salesian Center for Faith & Culture seeks to preserve and expand upon this saintly legacy in today's world.  Its work is modeled on a unique venture in the realm of education undertaken by St. Francis de Sales.  Though it no longer exists, that academic enterprise is regarded by many as one of the forerunners of today's French Academy.  It serves as the inspiration for our programs and activities.

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The tradition of Salesian Spirituality is carried on in many ways and by many people.

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