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Ryan Leadership Institute - Hero's Journey

During their Junior year, students in our Ryan Leadership Institute participate in two programs that focus on intra- and inter-personal development.  These programs have been adapted from the Catholic Leadership Institute to reflect the distinctively Salesian character of our institute.


The Leaders Experiential Adventure Program is a three-day retreat, held off-campus at the beginning of the academic year, which focuses on the discovery of one's personal profile and the development of one's personal mission.  Through participation in a "mountain adventures" experience, the retreat promotes skills development in terms of clarity, courage, choice, and support.

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A second retreat at the end of the academic year, also held off-campus, draws the year-long program to its conclusion with a co-missioning ceremony for the class.


The Being Energized and Inspired Together program is a series of ten (10) two-hour meetings, held on campus in the evenings, which focuses on personal reflection and group discussion.  Materials for these sessions promote skills development in terms of leadership of self, creating winning relationships, and leading others to a better future.  The sessions are facilitated by faculty/staff trained in Salesian leadership (Fr. Doug Burns, OSFS and Fr. Pete Leonard, OSFS).

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Events Calendar

Heritage Week - Law & Society Seminar

Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 07:00 PM
DeSales University, Center Valley, PA
DeSales University Center

The topic of discussion will be LEGAL ETHICS:  is that an oxymoron? featuring ELLEN M. KRAFT, ESQUIRE, active member of the Northampton County and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.

This event is FREE and open to the public. No tickets are required. 

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