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Planned Projects

Several ideas for research are under consideration but await adequate funding and/or faculty interest.  Among the studies being considered are the following:


Contemplative Wisdom and Altruistic Service an investigation of thelink between the contemplative life of a sponsoring religious order and the education of high school students in altruistic service in those schools administered by that religious order
The Effect of "Faith at Work" on Economic Productivity a proxy measure, based on perceived fairness on the part of employees, to study the correlation between this spiritual movement and business success
Emotionality and the Human Person an investigation of the mind-body problem in the thought of St. Francis de Sales as elucidated by modern brain research; seeks to demonstrate a necessary link between emotions and the development of rationality, in contrast to reductionist views of human nature
Heroic Holiness a study of the background and influence of religion on the work and careers of first responders
High School Athletes & Moral Reasoning a longitudinal study on the difference that participation in scholastic sports activity may have on the development of moral reasoning abilities among high school students
The Home School Advantage? an investigation into the "home school" phenomenon and its outcomes in terms of admission, retention, and graduation at the university level


 To suggest other potential areas of study, ► contact us.