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On The Wings of Truth - Honors Thesis

Each Spring semester, the students in the Senior class of the ► Faith & Reason Honors Program undertake a 3-credit independent study, the culmination of which is a 30-50 page honors thesis.  The topic of the thesis is chosen by the student, with the approval of the faculty advisor and the director of the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture. 

The best thesis each year, as judged by the Review Committee of the Salesian Center, receives the annual "Faith & Reason" award.

The honors theses are grouped below according to class year.  To see all the theses in a given year, follow the class links below.  To read any particular thesis, click on the name of the student-author below:

Class of 2006           Class of 2007           Class of 2008           Class of 2009

Class of 2010           Class of 2011           Class of 2012           Class of 2013

Class of 2014           Class of 2015

Class of 2015

  • ►Alexandra Romanyshyn (PL/EN)
    "Literary Analysis: Contrasting Tradition and Modernism"
  • Katherine Bortz (CM) -"Star-Crossed Plotlines: Discussions of Determinism and Free Will in Young Adult Literature"
  • ► Ashley Caroff (HI) -"A Call for Equality in Educational Opportunities for All Students"
  • Jennifer Fay (CJ) - "The Modern Educational System: Historical Influences and Pursuit of Knowledge Equality"
  • ► Seth Foreman (SX) -"Sports and Professional Athletes Impact Our Youth"
  • Nicholas Johnson (PL) -"On The Kingdom of God: Maria Christus Vincit, Quod Deus Vult"
  • ►Jessica Mathiesen (BICH/BI) "The Ethics of Human Stem Cell Research"
  • Casey Schermick (SS/MK) -"Athlete Philanthropy: A Review of the Moral Obligations for Professional Athletes"
  • ► Stephen Van Doran (PO) "Medical Marijuana Policy"


Class of 2014

Class of 2013

  • Kathryn Stimpfle (EE)
    "The Gospel of Womanhood According to Jane Eyre"
  • ► Clint Badger (BiCh) - "An Investigation into the Scientific and Ethical Implications of Synthetic Cellular Biology"
  • ► Anthony Calvano (HI) - "The Intrinsic Relationship between Faith and Reason Evidenced in the Just War Theory"
  • ► Catherine Fischer (DA/MFS) - "Marriage: Real Unity Requires Real Difference"
  • ► Jonathan Langton (CJ) - "Digital Forensics and Law Enforcement: An Impending and Necessary Paradigm Shift"
  • ► Kelsie Massini (PO) - "U.S. Domestic Violence Legislation and the Application of Catholic Social Justice Theory"
  • ► Scott Suleski (CJ) - "When the Badge Comes Off: An Informative Analysis of Side-Effects of Careers in Law Enforcement"

Class of 2012

  • ► Robert Zanneo (MA/ED)
    "The Negative Impact of Incentives on Human Behavior: The Difference Between Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation"
  • ► Nicholas Ardito (SS) - "Corruptionand Sports: A Relationship That Needs to End and What the Law Can Do to Help"
  • ► Jordan Blank (PL) - "Theodicy and Utilitarianism: To Get God Off the Hook, Have We Ceded Too Much Ground?"
  • ► Bridget Clark (BI) - "Assessing Ethical Concerns Involving Genetic Probing and Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Disease"
  • ► Katelynn Henrich (CH) - "DNA and Fingerprints: Useful Forensic Tools or Challenges to the Justice System?"
  • ► Nicole Kowalsky (MA) - "Mathematics in Nature: A Link to God?"
  • ► Deborah Lubov (AB) - "The Role of Accounting in Recent Global Financial Crises in Italy and the Entire Euro-Zone"
  • ► Melissa Millili (BI) - "The Physician's Oath: A Professional's Covenant with Life"
  • ► Colleen Shelley (MA/CH) - "The Innate Unity and Sociality of Humanity and the Call to Service"

Class of 2011

► Benjamin Foster (BI)
"An Examination of the Intrinsic Ethical Concerns Associated with Synthetic Biology"

Class of 2010

► Nicholas Schenk (BI)
"Personhood or Dignity: What Is the Foundation of Bioethics?"

  • ► Ryan Blacker (AB/FN) - "Corporate Greed vs. Social Responsibility: Business Ethics for the 21st Century"
  • ► Amanda Hartzell (EN/HI) - "Maritain's 'Madness' in Hamlet: Language as Creator, Dramatist, and Inspiration"
  • ► Matthew Kuhner (PL/TH) - "Heaven Held Back: On the Reductions in Secularism and Fulfillment in Trinitarian Love"
  • ► Margaret Wakelee (PL/TH) - "@ God: The Struggle to Pray in a Technological Age"

Class of 2009

► Lauren Greene (EN/ED)
"Thomas Merton: A Study of 20th Century Ideas for the 21st Century American Catholic"

Class of 2008

► Rachel Coleman(BI)
"The Sins of our Fathers: The Current Generation and the Vice of Acedia"

Class of 2007

► Elizabeth Pfister (NU)
"The 'Human' in Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Focus on a Domestic and South African Stigma"

Class of 2006

Marian West (DA/MFS)
"Time to Move, Humanity, Art and Dance Redeemed"


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