Current Students

MyDSU is your gateway to all* of your DeSales websites and accounts. 

Your e-mail, WebAdvisor, Blackboard Learn, and Datatel logins will be available from one place, with ONE login and ONE password!  

  • Students: Your login for all* of your accounts will be your DeSales e-mail/gmail username –
    for example: im1234 
    and your active directory/ResNet password – usually your birthday followed by Dsu – for example:
    071090Dsu (if your birthday is July 10, 1990). This is CASE SENSITIVE.

  • Faculty and Staff: your login and password for all* of your accounts will be your Active Directory login – the one you use to log into your computer, usually your last name and first initial – for example: facultya 

The first time you log in to MyDSU, you'll be prompted to enter your password a few times as the single-sign-on-system learns who you are and ties all of your accounts together. But, once you complete the process, MyDSU becomes a one stop shop! Better still, if you ever forget your password, you'll soon be able to reset it yourself - no HelpDesk required!** 

**Of course, if you ever have any trouble at all, the HelpDesk is always available to guide you through. :)

How to Log In

1. Log in from the top right of any page or login directly at

DeSales MyDSU Login


2. The first time you log onto MyDSU, you'll come to a log-in screen that looks similar to the one below. This will begin the process of tying all of your accounts together. 

3. Your MyDSU page knows who you are: staff, faculty, student (graduate, undergrad, ACCESS). Some content will be available to everyone, some will be just for you. Here is an example of a staff member's MyDSU page.(Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

My DSU Sample Annotated