DeSales MBA Program, a Worthwhile Investment

by Chelsea Bronstein, '15 | May 17, 2014

DeSales MBA graduate, Rodolphe Tankpinou, was recently      featured in Lehigh Valley Style magazine.  His expertise on     wardrobe shines through    his article as he recommends wardrobe selections.  The DeSales MBA program  is proud to call Rodolphe alumna.

As Rodolphe states that the DeSales MBA program is a      “worthwhile investment,” he offers much more on his decision        and experience with it.  Rodolphe grew up in a family who had an expectation of being highly educated, which prompted him to     pursue his MBA.  His mother’s 30 years of involvement in      academia especially contributed to his goal to continue his  education.  In addition, Rodolphe’s personal aspiration to be “appropriately equipped for succeeding” in his career completed his decision.  As Rodolphe’s search for his perfect MBA program began, his attraction towards DeSales University blossomed.  He expressed that DeSales University’s catholic values stood out to him as they aligned greatly with his own.  Also, after receiving positive recommendations from various sources, his decision to pursue his MBA with DeSales was clear. 

Mainly an on-site student, Rodolphe had several memorable experiences during his time in the DeSales MBA program.  The one that will always remain with him is the relationship that grew with his advisor, Jim Castagna.   Jim was not only very resourceful, but also immensely interested in having Rodolphe succeed.  Rodolphe is, and always will be, grateful to Jim for that.  After three years of hard work in completing his MBA, he is proud to say that his MBA has had nothing but a positive effect on his life personally and professionally.  As Rodolphe says, “Obtaining my MBA has undoubtedly added to the amount of drive I have to be an exemplary inspiration to my community and to the world.”  Professionally, his MBA played an important role on two fronts.  First, he used the knowledge from the Capstone course to define a strategy for his newly formed company, “The Atlas of Style.”  Additionally, his MBA was instrumental in helping him secure a new position at Dun & Bradstreet.

Inevitably, challenges arise throughout our daily lives.  Sometimes these struggles discourage persistence and make goals feel unreachable.  As most students, Rodolphe had to overcome a few challenges in his pursuit of the MBA.  He exclaimed, “There were many challenges I needed to overcome, which really made the program worthwhile, and still exciting!”  Besides being a full-time student, he went through the program as a married father of two, maintained a full-time job schedule, and participated in service and volunteer work for his community.   It is quite stressful reading those obligations let alone having them!  Without a doubt, Rodolphe illustrates his work ethic and persistence.  DeSales MBA Program is proud to have an alumna with such admirable traits.

Rodolphe Tankpinou is eager to recommend the DeSales MBA program to others.  His first reason is simply our adequate school environment.  Rodolphe stresses the importance of the right environment for students; furthermore, he believes the DeSales MBA program provides the perfect learning environment.  The flexibility of the program is extremely helpful to working professionals, and the instructors, staff, and students truly made the program enjoyable.  Rodolphe advocates, “All of these reasons together contribute to the program’s great reputation.”  On behalf of the DeSales MBA program, we are honored to name Rodolphe Tankpinou a successful DeSales MBA graduate, and friend.

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