DeSales to Launch New Digital Forensics Track

by John Higgins '15 | Feb 18, 2014

DeSales students study digital evidence
DeSales University announces a new digital forensics track in its undergraduate criminal justice major.

Digital evidence is so prevalent in today’s criminal investigations that nearly every crime is, in effect, a cyber crime. To fully prepare criminal justice students for their future in law enforcement, DeSales University will teach current cybercrime investigative techniques, and students in this track will gain practical experience with industry-accepted forensic tools.

The program will be a multidisciplinary approach between criminal justice courses, computer science courses, and forensic courses. Courses in the program will include cybercrime, criminal law, criminology, communications and networks, computer architecture, operating systems, digital forensics, and forensic psychology.

In addition to coursework, student in the program will gain experience though internships, including one that will be offered on the DeSales campus. The University is home to the David M. Petzold Digital Forensics Laboratory for Lehigh County and a partnership will allow one student per semester to experience the work that occurs in the lab.

Joseph Pochron, a detective for Lehigh County, supervises the Petzold Laboratory and will teach in the digital forensics track. “A student going through that program will be well equipped to walk out into the world with a bachelor's degree and potentially two certifications relevant to the field,” he says.

Those relevant certifications include the CompTIA A+ certification, an entry-level computer certification for computer service technicians sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Students will also work with digital forensic tools currently used in the field to prepare them for a career and enhance their marketability to future employers.

“Those students are more marketable to law enforcement agencies with this degree,” said Pochron. “It does increase their visibility and marketability. I see cyber crime investigators working as forensic examiners, both for public agencies and law enforcement agencies or private companies.”

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