January 2014 Commencement: Anne Panik Tells Graduates: ‘Use Your Own Vision to Dream and Set Goals’

by John Higgins '15 | Jan 18, 2014

Anne M. Panik, senior vice president for patient care services and chief nursing officer at Lehigh Valley Health Network, addressed the DeSales University January 2014 Commencement.

Anne M. PanikComing from a place of experience, Panik offered advice to the doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degree students centered on her nursing background in the form of vision, listening, and adaptability.

“We knew firsthand the power of goal setting and envisioning the future,” said Panik. “Use your own vision to dream and set goals. And once you start hitting those marks, you will be inspired to set new ones to achieve even more.

“As you develop active listening skills, your boss and colleagues will notice that you are truly taking in and acknowledging this information, and in your off hours, your family and friends will be gratified, maybe even shocked that you care enough to listen and converse instead of acting as if you are but truly being somewhere else in your thoughts. I urge you, work on active listening.

“Adapting to new technology and societal shifts caused by it is an imperative. You must stay in sync, so you cannot only use the new technology, but find ways to adapt it to your own career needs. Do not close your mind to unexpected opportunities. If you do not get the dream job, or promotion or award, learn to be patient, stay focused, excel in your specialty. Take advantage of the situation to learn new things.”

However, if there was one thing that Panik wanted the new graduates to take away from her speech it would be how lucky they are for their education and to remind them that they are prepared for the future.

“When you enter your fields, you are able to become very successful in no matter what you do. It is extremely important that all the learning you received here at DeSales University that you can move forward no matter what your profession is going to be or what the job opportunities offer you in the future. You are so blessed to be at a university that provides such an outstanding education.”

For the full text of Panik’s speech, click here.


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