Research Activities of DeSales Psychology Students

by Tom McNamara | Apr 23, 2013

DeSales University Psychology majors presented their research projects at The 28th Annual LVAIC Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference held at Muhlenberg College on April 20, 2013. Students conducted research projects as part of their program requirement under the supervision of Dr. Boyce Jubilan. Listed below are the titles of their research projects:

  • The Effectiveness of Film on Eliciting Emotions in People Varying in Personality Characteristics by Brenna Bajor, Stephanie Barnett, Drake Bahajak, and Mirialy Y. Campos-Cruz
  • Effects of 5-Hour Energy Drink on Spatial Memory in Mice by Chandelle Catrone, Catherine Chovanes, Daniel Class, and Daniel Culichia
  • Does Napping Affect Self-Control? The Effects of Napping on the Self-Control of Preschool Aged Children by Vance Farrell, Rachel Formale, George Diofore, & Anne Diaz
  • The Effect of Color on Cognition by Michael Gallagher, Suzie Hammer, Connor Harkins, & Karen Holveck
  • The Effect of Alcohol on the Perception of Others by Michael Giambattista, Karissa Hunsicker, Kaitlyn Kelly, & Brett Morris
  • The Effects of an Authority Figure on the Levels of Anxiety in College Students by Catherine Nonnemacher, Cody Moyer, & Stefanie Niemira
  • ​Facebook Use As it Relates to Personality and Emotional State by William Peterson, Alyssa Pammer, & Adrianne Pierson
  • The Effects of Concussions on Attention, Memory and Reaction Time by Martha Rapp, Kaitlyn Wise, & Rachel Wysocky
  • Quantification of Ghrelin in Aggressive and Submissive Male Mice Following Chronic Social Defeat Stress Protocol by Clint Badger (Biology/Chemistry Major)

Dr. Boyce Jubilan of psychology program and Dr. Julie Himmelberger of chemistry program served as faculty research advisors.

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