What does it feel like to be homeless? DeSales students spend 48 hours finding out

by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2011

Each year, the Center for Service and Social Justice (CSSJ) hosts alternative break programs where students travel the country, meet new people from different communities, and perform volunteer services. But one of these alternative break trips, The Urban Plunge program, is a bit different. In this program, students do not perform any service, but instead spend 48 hours experiencing what it's like to be homeless in Washington, D.C.

In the six years that DeSales CSSJ has offered it, more than 25 DeSales students have participated in The Urban Plunge program. This year, Peter Danelski, a freshman here at DeSales, took this experience to another level. He not only lived as a homeless person for 48 hours, but raised a significant amount of money both before and after his Urban Plunge experience for the National Coalition for Homeless, the organization which allows DeSales to provide this unique program to our students.

Danelski carefully journaled his experience, and turned his observations into an article called “Lessons Learned in Becoming Invisible” which was published in Washington D.C.'s Street Sense newspaper.

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