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The DeSales Theatre Angels is an endowment fund to support the activities of the Performing and Fine Arts Department at DeSales University.

Since its inception, the theatre program at DeSales University has brought joy to the hundreds of thousands who have attended the performances. Today, the theatre major at DeSales University is recognized as one of the top programs in the country. 

Funds are used for:

  1. Student Scholarships and Financial Aid
    More than 80% of DeSales University's students receive financial aid, and contributions to the University's scholarship fund assist many theatre students attain their educational goals.

  2. Guest artist support for faculty of theatre, dance and TV/film.
    The Artist in Residence Program allows DeSales University to attract some of the top directors, producers, and designers in theatre to our campus for an extended stay. These artists work with our students and showcase their specific talent in one of our productions. Additionally, they present workshops in their area of expertise to students and other interested individuals.

  3. Special equipment needs of the department.
    As advancements are made in technical theatre, it is important to teach our students with "realworld" examples. This fund will enhance and maintain capital equipment for the department.

Levels of Support & Benefits

Membership at the levels listed below is based on total annual contribution. For donor recognition purposes, all corporate matching gifts are credited to the employee donor. These leadership levels provide the foundation necessary to sustain DeSales University's premier undergraduate performing arts programs and the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts. The University is grateful for the support you show our students as a patron of the arts. Donors at any of the levels below receive recognition in all Act 1 Programs and an invitation to our annual Arts Angels Dinner in April. Donors giving at the Guardian Angel level and above also receive invitations to selected rehearsals and other behind-the-scenes opportunities.

Donation: $5,000 or more 

Donation: $2,500 to $4,999 

Donation: $1,500 to $2,499 

Donation: $1,000 to $1,499 

Guardian Angel 
Donation: $500 to $999 

Donation: $250 to $499 

Donation: $100 to $249 

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