The DeSales University Standardized Patient program gives our healthcare students the opportunity to practice clinical skills in a controlled environment

Standardized Patients (SPs) are individuals from the community who are trained to portray a patient with a specific medical condition. By interacting with SPs, our students gain experiential skills by taking patient histories, providing consultations, performing physical examinations and other clinical skills in our simulated clinical environment. SPs provide valuable feedback and can help to evaluate student performance.

Our SPs are specifically trained to portray each patient case and participate in student assessment to ensure the highest quality educational experience for our students. DeSales faculty receive detailed reports on student's performance based on the objectives of the encounter.

During the interaction, the SP may:

  • Undergo a physical examination

  • Realistically simulate the behavior of a patient or situation to include details of the history, personality, and abnormal physical findings

  • Document student performance using predefined checklists

  • Provide feedback to students on techniques of interviewing, physical examination techniques and/or communication skills.


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