Institutional Review Board

The DeSales IRB Committee has the responsibility and full capabilities to review and monitor biomedical and socio-behavioral research that involves human subjects in which DeSales is engaged before the involvement of human subjects may begin.

It is established to provide ethical review of research, and to assure that the rights and welfare of the human subjects are adequately protected in research and federal regulations are followed. Members include researchers, non-researchers and one member of the local community.

Steps for Successful Application Submission

  1. Download the IRB Application.

  2. Complete the application in MS Word.

  3. Gather all required documents listed on the IRB Application

  4. Obtain PI’s signature on the IRB Application

  5. Scan the entire application with all attachments and create ONE file in pdf format with the following filename structure:  PI last name followed by 3-4 key words from the title of the research study.  Ex.  Starling_ReadingScrambledWords.pdf

  6. The PI must email the application to

  1. In the email subject line write the filename.  Ex. Starling_ReadingScrambledWords

  2. In the email text write the full title of the research study.  Ex. Effects of Context Cues on Reading Scrambled Words

  3. Attach the application in ONE file in pdf format.