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No Better Time Than Now

by Chelsea Bronstein '15 | Aug 30, 2014

Rod Ross, DeSales MBA graduate, is currently the Vice President of Information Technology for The Clemens Food Group.  Rod proudly recommends the DeSales MBA Program to anyone seeking comprehensive instruction and course work, convenience of on-site and online classes, and an overall cost effective program.

Rod decided to pursue his MBA for several reasons.  First, he viewed the MBA program as an opportunity for personal and professional development and growth.  Also, continuous learning and networking were important elements for him.  Specifically, he viewed the DeSales MBA as a professional requirement to senior leadership positions and business acumen.   

Convenience was also highly critical and became the most important factor in Rod’s decision to pursue his MBA with DeSales University.  The flexibility of multiple campuses, coupled with evening offerings, made taking classes with his demanding work/family schedule a lot easier.  Rod especially enjoyed the collaboration and camaraderie he found with his on-site classes, and specifically referenced his Capstone class as one of his best experiences in the program. 

Rod enjoys a personal and professional sense of accomplishment since completing this major educational milestone.  The DeSales MBA Program took him about four years to complete and enabled him to achieve the senior leadership position he now holds.  Within that time, certain challenges arose, but through perseverance and dedication, Rod expresses, “the self-gratitude that came along with the studies made the timeline of four years go by so fast.”

Ultimately, Rod expresses that there is no better time than the present to get started on your MBA.  Rod urges, “Don’t procrastinate, just throw your hat in the ring and get started! If you wait for the perfect time or all the stars to align, you’ll never get it done.”  We are proud to call Rod Ross a DeSales MBA graduate, and he enthusiastically recommends the DeSales MBA Program for all who would like to excel both personally and professionally.


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