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Finding the "Perfect MBA Fit"

by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2013

In today’s economy, every penny counts.  The amount of time, money, effort, and energy involved in pursuing an MBA is directly weighed by the results that piece of paper obtains.  It’s no wonder then, why individuals are weighing their options more heavily and competition among universities for students is high. 

In a recent interview with the Lehigh Valley Business Journal, Dr. David Gilfoil, director of the MBA program at DeSales University, discussed various items to consider when researching MBA options.  From understanding what accreditations the institution holds and what those accreditations mean to whether the institution offers the kind of flexibility you require to balance your work, home, and school life, the search for the “perfect MBA fit” should not be taken lightly.

DeSales University continues to boast one of the largest MBA programs in Pennsylvania.  Part of its success, according to Dr. Gilfoil, is that it is a practitioner-focused, rather than research-focused, program which boasts a cadre of faculty with over 1,700 years of field experience.  Many of our adjunct faculty are actively working in their field of expertise and continually link theory to the real world by bringing new experiences into the classroom which students can apply to their full-time jobs immediately. 

In addition, not only does DeSales offer on-site corporate and institutional cohort programs, but also the flexibility to enter the program in fall, winter, spring, or summer at a variety of campus locations including online. This flexibility, coupled with the rich expertise that our faculty bring to the table, the variety of courses offered each session, and the tuition deferment option available to those who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer, makes DeSales’ MBA program very attractive to prospective students.

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