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Registration for the 2017 Summer session opens on Monday, March 20.  In the meantime, please feel free to  view the Summer 2017 schedule.

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Special Topic w/ Study Tour for Spring 2017

EL-550 • International Practicum-Europe (incl. required trip to Prague, Krakow, and Budapest - May 20-30, 2017)
Center Valley, Thursdays

This special topics course offers the MBA student the opportunity to investigate several aspects of doing business internationally.  It utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach (Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance) with a focus on Europe and specifically, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary.  It is designed so that it can benefit students in any MBA concentration.  The course involves a trip to Prague, Krakow, and Budapest where students interact with faculty and students from the Czech University of Life Sciences.  While in these countries, students will also meet with select companies from a variety of European industries and visit historical sites such as Prague Castle, Auschwitz and Birkenau, and the Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest.

The course has the same number of contact hours as a regular MBA class.  It will meet once a week (four times) prior to the 10-day European trip, and will then meet four more times more upon returning to the U.S.  Two Management/Marketing modules will be scheduled before the trip and the remaining two will be scheduled after the trip.  The same will apply to the Accounting and Finance modules.  The course will be co-taught by an Accounting and Finance instructor and a Management and Marketing instructor. 

The Accounting and Finance portion will address the following topics:

  • International Finance including equities, debt and currency issues.

  • International Accounting including financial and tax reporting.

  • International Law including international trade and contract issues. 

A combination of guest lecturers and class discussions focused on current industry issues and reports will be used in the Accounting and Finance modules.

The Management and Marketing portion will address the following topics (among others):

  • International Management and Marketing basics

  • Global Competency

  • Global Business Ethics

  • Hofstede’s  Cultural Dimensions

  • Europe (PELT analysis; doing business in Europe)

  • Czech Republic (PELT analysis; cultural and business etiquette in the Czech Republic)

  • Poland (PELT analysis; cultural and business etiquette in Poland)

  • Hungary (PELT analysis; cultural and business etiquette in Hungary)

  • Industry/Company analyses

A combination of lecture, class discussion, case studies, and class presentations will be used in the Management and Market modules. 

For more information about this great opportunity, please contact the MBA Office at 888-MBA-EXCEL.

Special Topics for Summer 2017

Course now offered in Center City ​Allentown!
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MG-520 • Power in the Workplace
Online, Thursdays

This course is an in-depth study of social power as it occurs at the workplace.  The course is conducted in the online format. Both the theoretical and applied perspectives are addressed.  In MG520, students are exposed to the importance of social power in the corporate setting, with specific focus on the skills required for enhancing organizational and personal success.  Such awareness arises from both a conceptual and applied perspective. Students who complete MG520 successfully are more aware of their personal power and its use, are more confident about ways to use power, and generally are more powerful at work.


SU-502 • Logistics: Distribution, Transportation & Warehouse Management
Center Valley, Thursdays (hybrid)

This course focuses on all facets of logistics pertaining to transportation management, warehouse and facility location management, inventory management and customer service strategies.  The course will also address key technology issues such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), bar coding, electronic data interchange (EDI), and distribution resource planning (DRP).     Pre-requisite:  SU-501



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