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Special Topics for Winter 2018

FN-520 • Global Finance & Economics Issues

An introduction to major global economic issues. Students will become familiar with topics such as uneven global economic growth, poverty, income distribution, discrimination, immigration, globalization, outsourcing and off-shoring, global warming, economics of alternative energy, international trade and foreign exchange system, European Monetary Union, and the Euro and its challenges.


MG-510 • Conflict Resolution
Online, Wednesdays

This course studies the various procedures and techniques for resolving conflicts both in adversarial settings and in unconventional non-adversarial settings. Students will discuss the costs and benefits of utilizing the legal system for conflict resolution as well as the costs and benefits of alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. The course will also focus on methods for preventing litigation and the role of managers in finding creative non-adversarial methods of resolving conflict.

MG-520 • Leadership & the Executive Mind
Center Valley, Tuesdays/Saturday  

This course is an introduction to the inner resources of the mind and personality for vision, leadership and performance, and the systematic methods of developing these resources into practical skills. The course will include a study of the structure and functions of the mind, the innate skills of the mind (concentration, physical and mental balance, imagination, will, intuition, reasoning, instinct) relative to personal productivity and the development of the personal skills of leadership. Emphasis will be given to the application of inner resources to creative problem solving, enhanced clarity of thought, and effective communication. Emphasis will also be placed on actual skills development in self-management and students will be expected to develop a degree of competency in these areas.  Class will meet on Tuesdays - January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13, 27, and March 6, as well as Saturdays - January 20 and February 24.


MK-510 • Knowledge Management & Data Mining
Online, Asynchronous  

This course introduces basic concepts, tasks, methods, and techniques in knowledge management and data mining. Students will develop an understanding of the data mining process and issues and learn various techniques for data mining. Students will understand how data plays a critical role in strategic planning and will explore the theory and concepts associated with applying data to enhance managerial decision making and build strong customer relationships. This course will enable students to explore data mining relative to Knowledge Management (KM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), addressing both the important theoretical aspects of data mining, KM and CRM, as well as illustrating best practices. Finally, ethical issues will also be addressed in terms of data security and privacy.

SU-501 • Foundations of Supply Chain Management
Center Valley, Wednesdays 

This course is an introduction/overview of the fundamentals of supply chain management. It is designed for those who have an understanding of business essentials and want a summary review of how the elements of supply chain management fit together. Supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics management activities so that products are distributed to global customers in the right quantity and at the right time. Key issues associated with the design and management supply chains, modern roles of sourcing, logistics, operation, and sales, and establishing intra- and inter-firm cooperation and strategic alliances across complex, global supply chains will be introduced and discussed.


SU-504 • Forecasting, Production and Inventory Planning

Treatment of the principles, models and techniques for the planning, analysis, and design of integrated production control systems. Course topics include forecasting, inventory management, production planning, project scheduling, and materials requirement planning problems with an emphasis on analytical modeling approaches and optimization methods used to obtain their solutions. Pre-requisite: SU-501.


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