Health Care Systems Management

7 Core  + 4 Concentration + 1 Capstone = 12 courses 

MBA Core Courses

All MBA students must complete all core courses. Distinguishing characteristics of the DeSales MBA program are an emphasis on executive skills development, general management orientation, integration of skills and values, and an attempt to link theory and practice. 

  • CR 501 Financial and Managerial Accounting

  • CR 502 Quantitative Methods for Business - OR - CR 508 Business Computing 

  • CR 503 Business and Society

  • CR 504 Marketing Management

  • CR 505 Organization Management

  • CR 506 Financial Management

  • CR 507 Executive Skills Development

Healthcare Systems Management Concentration Courses

Successful completion of a minimum of four courses is required.

  • HC 501 Foundations of Healthcare Systems

  • HC 502 Fiscal Issues in Health Systems Management

  • HC 503 Legal Aspects of Health Systems Management

  • HC 504 Issues in Quality Management for Healthcare Systems

  • HC 505 Principles and Strategies for Managed Healthcare

  • HC 506 Community Health Assessment and Planning

  • HC 507 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Policy

  • HC 508 Management of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare Systems

Elective Courses

In addition to required courses — and in order to provide meaningful options, added breadth, greater diversity, and positive enrichment — a variety of elective courses will be scheduled as demand requires and resources permit. Any concentration course can be used as an elective.

Capstone Integrating Course

CR 510 Policy and Strategy must be completed by all students with a minimum grade of “B”. It must also be taken as the last or second-to-last course before graduation.

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