“Recognizing that my career demanded a lot of my time, I was in search of a master’s program that provided comprehensive course work with a certain degree of flexibility.  I found the DeSales University MCJ program to be the perfect answer. My degree through DeSales has opened many professional doors for me and has undoubtedly prepared me for my role as a police executive.”

— Keith A. Morris, Chief of Police, Allentown Police Department 

"The MCJ program helped advance my career by providing me with the mindset to progress within my field. Quite simply, the professors taught me to think differently and assess things from a different vantage point."

— Joe Pochron, Manager of Forensic Technology and Consulting, TransPerfect Legal Solutions

“After working for more than 20 years in the fields of forensics and medicolegal investigation, I was determined to find an ideal graduate program and pursue a degree both as a personal goal and in order to open the door to new professional opportunities. I was delighted to find a program as unique as the online Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) Program, with a track as specialized as Investigative Forensics. While I have had the opportunity over the years to take continued education courses, the MCJ program offered a variety of comprehensive courses that not only enhanced my work experience, but provided me with the opportunity to teach in an academic environment, another important career goal that I attained, thanks to my master’s degree from DeSales.”

— Teresa Brasse, Forensic Investigative and Lab Consultant.

“While taking classes in the MCJ program, I was struck by my tunnel vision and group-think from my 25 years in law enforcement. My experience here at DSU has brought a true diversity of thought to my career. I learned the importance of research, validation, and alternatives to addressing problems. My MCJ experience not only made me a better supervisor, but also a stronger leader. It broadened my view of the criminal justice system and gave me more – and better – options to consider. I also appreciate DSU’s evolving vision and mission. The MCJ program addresses the needs of the criminal justice system for tomorrow, not yesterday.” 

— Jeff Tomlinson, Retired Special Agent of the FBI and current Assistant professor of Criminal Justice at DeSales University

“As a graduate of the five-year BA/MCJ program at DeSales, I reaped the benefits of attaining a higher education while establishing a career as a young professional. The curriculum, instructors, and fellow students within the MCJ program allowed for the simultaneous growth of my academic and professional aspirations. The MCJ program offered an opportunity to receive a well-rounded and diverse education of the criminal justice system's sociopolitical and legal ramifications, as well as specialized training in areas such as investigative techniques, research, and digital forensics. The unique and practical approach of the MCJ program has undoubtedly improved my effectiveness as an analyst and has prepared me for my future endeavors."

— Jon Langton, Digital Forensic Analyst, Lehigh County Computer Crimes Task Force
Officer David M. Petzold Digital Forensics Laboratory of Lehigh County 

"The MCJ program expanded my critical thinking and examination of studies within the field of criminal justice.  Not only was the program thought provoking but it also challenged and motivated me to pursue academic excellence in my writing.  The program has assisted me both professionally and in my continued scholarly endeavors."

— Vanessa Starr, U.S. Probation Officer 

“Acquiring a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice at DeSales University broadened the scope of my work in forensic psychology and credentialed me to direct the program itself. As a participant in the design and implementation, I’m aware of the importance of striving for excellence and for delivering to students practical skills and a breadth of knowledge for their current and future careers.”

— Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., Interim MCJ Director and Professor of Forensic Psychology, DeSales University 


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