MCJ Online: 
Investigative Forensics

The DeSales MCJ Online Investigative Forensics concentration relies on science to address legal issues in criminal investigations, with a focus on violent crimes. 

Learn the basics of criminological theory and practice while concentrating your studies in the field of investigative forensics. As a graduate of this program, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make an immediate contribution to your field. 

It is a ten  course program (30 credits) that requires completion of:

  • 5 core courses
  • 4 concentration courses
  • 1 capstone course

All courses are online and can be taken full-time or part-time. 



5 Core Courses (15 credits)

  • CJ 501 - Advanced Criminology
  • CJ 502 - Research Methods and Evaluation
  • CJ503 - Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 506 - Issues in Criminal Law
  • CJ 530 - Policing in America
4 Concentration Courses (12 credits)
  • CJ 510 - Forensic Science in the Courtroom
  • CJ 516 - Forensic Psychology
  • CJ 532 - Advanced Crime Scene Investigation
  • CJ 533 - Behavioral Criminology
  • CJ 534 - Forensic Toxicology
  • CJ 535 - Medicolegal Investigation and Identification
  • CJ 544 - Forensic Anthropology

  1 Capstone Course (3 credits)
         CJ 507 Master Project Seminar



Total: 10 courses (30 credits)


For complete course descriptions, please see the DeSales Graduate Catalog.

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