Instructional Technology K-12 Master of Education and/or Instructional Technology Specialist K-12 Certification

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The Master of Education in Technology in Education is for those interested in technology as a tool for teaching and learning in traditional and distance learning classrooms, particularly in K-12 education, but applicable to higher education as well.

The program focuses on instructional design, emerging technology, strategies for technology integration into the curriculum, and the classroom as an instructional tool to address diverse learners and to extend learning beyond the classroom.  Teachers and instructional technologists will be prepared to model and impart the skills students will need to live and work in a technology-based global society.

Instructional Technology Specialist K-12 Certification is a non-teaching certification in Pennsylvania and requires a 90 hour internship under a cooperating Instructional Technology Specialist and a University Supervisor.

The technology related courses in the program are offered online using a learning management system and web conference environment. Initial and final web conference meetings are scheduled for each class with other real-time web conference meetings scheduled as needed throughout the session. Class sessions are conducted asynchronously over a week-long period for twelve weeks (six weeks in summer session) and are instructor-led with schedule due dates for activity and assignment completion (not self-paced). Courses require use of headset with microphone for interaction in web conference environment and participation in a Distance Student Orientation prior to first online course. Information about the orientation will be provided to students registering in first online course each session. 

In addition, for students pursuing the Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate, 4 accommodations and adaptation courses are required.  These courses are not offered solely online but are offered through a hybrid model.

Program Requirements

Orientation to Online Learning:  Prior to the first online DSU course for an M.Ed. program, students are required to participate in the orientation to online learning. New students are automatically enrolled in the orientation before the start of their first session.
Accommodations and Adaptations:  
12 credits for certification as Instructional Technology Specialist K-12 only - hybrid model (face to face and online courses)

  •      SE 500 Foundations of Special Education | 3 credits

  •      SE 526 Content Access for Students with Learning Differences | 3 credits

  •      SE 522 Remedial Techniques in Reading and Writing | 3 credits

  •      ED 515 Foundations of English Language Learner Education | 3 credits 

Major Courses: 
21 credits for degree only (student/advisor choose) - online           
30 credits for certification only

  •      CE 530 Designing for Technology Integration | 3 credits

  •      CE 536 Networking and& Microcomputer Systems | 3 credits

  •      CE 537 Technology for Inclusive Classrooms | 3 credits

  •      CE 550 Multimedia Classroom Applications | 3 credits

  •      CE 553 Web Design for Educators | 3 credits

  •      CE 555 Management of Technology Resources | 3 credits

  •      CE 556 Distance Education & Emerging Technology | 3 credits

  •      CE 599 Instructional Technology Specialist Internship | 3 credits

  •      ED 508 Law and Technology in Education | 3 credits

  •      ES 570 Technology and English Learners | 3 credits (Hybrid only)

M.Ed. Degree Course:
  9 credits required for degree

  •       ED 504 Philosophy and Ethics in Education | 3 credits

  •       ED 501 Educational Research | 3 credits

  •       ED 600 Critical Issues and Research Seminar  (Capstone Course) | 3 credits 

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