Degree Pathways

DeSales University currently offers two graduate pathways for attaining the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. A third undergraduate pathway is available for incoming freshman students interested in the Bachelor of Health Science major.

Graduate Admission (4+3):

The first graduate pathway requires completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, as well as all prerequisite coursework and admission requirements. The baccalaureate degree may be in any area of study as long as the prerequisite coursework has been completed. Coursework in the Natural Sciences is recommended, with most applicants having bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Exercise Physiology, or Sport and Exercise Science. Upon acceptance into the program, these students are awarded the DPT degree after successful completion of three years of required professional coursework

The second graduate admission pathway is available to DeSales University graduates of the Sport and Exercise Physiology and Biology programs. The DPT program will reserve a number of seats each year for a select group of candidates from each major. Having completed a baccalaureate degree and all prerequisite coursework and admission requirements, these students may be invited to continue at the University an additional three years to complete the professional coursework required to be awarded the DPT degree.

Undergraduate Admission – Freshman Entry (3+3):

The accelerated undergraduate pathway offers select incoming freshman meeting all admission requirements the opportunity to complete three years of undergraduate and prerequisite coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree in year 4 and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in year 6.  Guaranteed entry into the DPT graduate curriculum in year 4 is contingent upon meeting all undergraduate DPT progression standards. 

The application deadline for the fall 2019 class is December 15, 2018.  Completion of an invited interview with the program director is required for admission to the Bachelor of Health Science major.

Fall 2019 Graduate Program:

Early application deadline:  10/15/18
Final application deadline:  1/10/19

Fall 2019 Undergraduate
(BS in Health Sciences 3+3 majors):

Application deadline: 12/15/18

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