Biology majors at DeSales are exceptionally prepared for careers in healthcare and many other fields.

Our program includes traditional courses in foundational biology, with an emphasis in chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Research and the methodology of science is a crucial component of learning. 

Degrees offered:

  • B.S. Biology

  • B.A. Biology

  • B.S. Biology with a Forensic Concentration

  • B.S. Biology with Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP)

 Various opportunities exist for multiple majors and minors

A great strength of our program is the individualized attention available to help you discern how to best make your education match your career goals.  


Qualified DeSales Biology graduates are guaranteed interviews for our highly selective graduate programs: 

Make it a minor

98% of DeSales Alumni are satisfied to extremely satisfied with their DeSales education:)

*Results are from our Annual Alumni Survey. Applies to all undergraduates across all majors.  

Biology Pre-Med

Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Forensic Concentration

The forensic concentration combines the strengths of DeSales’ biology and criminal justice programs. Centered in biology, our program is interdisciplinary with courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, and law enforcement. This well-balanced combination of studies provides graduates with numerous career and graduate education opportunities.

Would you like to teach biology?

Pursue a career in professional education through our Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) as you earn your biology degree. This dual preparation in method and content maintains and fosters the philosophy and objectives of a liberal arts education while preparing you for quality teaching in the Commonwealth's secondary schools.


A well-developed internship program provides you with early real-world experience of possible career directions and placements. 

Medical School and Postgraduate Education 

If you're interested in pursuing advanced degrees, DeSales provides the support and opportunities to prepare you for admission to graduate programs. You'll receive specialized course work and participate in volunteer and internship experiences to give you a competitive advantage. You'll also get individual help from the Pre-Professional Advisory Committee, who assists graduate school candidates through the application process. 

While there is no specific "pre-med" major at DeSales University, we have a strong history of helping students reach their full potential and gain acceptance to medical, veterinary, and dental programs.

If you plan to attend medical school, you'll take prerequisite courses to prepare you for the medical college admission test (MCAT) in addition to your general college requirements for graduation. If started during your freshman year, you can typically complete these by the beginning of your junior year (and take your MCAT during that year).

What can you do with a Biology degree?

  • Medical Doctors

  • Veterinarians

  • Dentists

  • Pharmacists

  • Optometrists

  • Podiatrists

  • University Researchers and Educators

Where do our students go to grad school?

  • DeSales DPT or PA Programs

  • Harvard Medical School

  • Lehigh University

  • Temple University

  • The University of Michigan

  • Jefferson University School of Medicine

  • The Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine at Hershey

  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Temple University Medical School

  • The University of Notre Dame

  • The University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School