Environment Day

Each year the Natural Science Club hosts over 800 second and third grade elementary school students from 13 area schools to learn about the environment.  

This annual 2-day April event helps students learn about different aspects of the environment through interactive presentations called “conservation stations.” The stations are designed to engage young minds with age-appropriate exercises by exploring topics such as recycling, power sources, endangered species, water conservation, forests, tropical rain forests, and oceans.  Students rotate through approximately twenty stations.

The Environment Day team is made up of DeSales University Natural Science Department faculty and students and led by Dr. Francis Mayville, Associate Professor of Chemistry.  Faculty and students from the Education Department assist and the DaVinci Science Center also sets up an independent station at the event. 

Environment Day 2017 will be held on Wednesday, April 26 and Thursday, April 27. 

If you are a DeSales Students and interested in volunteering at Environment Day, please contact Dr. Fran Mayville for more information at Francis.Mayville@desales.edu or NaturalScience@desales.edu.  You do not have to be a Natural Science major to participate.  All majors are welcome.

If you are a local elementary school teacher interested in bringing your second or third grade class to the 2017 event, please contact NaturalScience@desales.edu. There is no cost to attend; however, reservations are required and fill up quickly. 

Environment Days at DeSales for Grade School Students

by John Higgins '15 | Apr 22, 2014

On Wednesday, April 23 and Thursday, April 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Billera Hall, DeSales University will host the 13th annual Environment Day, an event designed to introduce local second and third graders to different aspects of the environment and environmental science.

The children will visit several stations run by DeSales students, who are comprised of various majors from the natural science department. Each station coordinator will give ten minute presentations followed by activities that will have the children apply what they have just learned. Dr. Francis Mayville, associate professor of chemistry, wants both the DeSales and the elementary students to learn from this experience.

“We feel that with second and third graders, if you make each of these topics fun and interesting, they take it with them and they remember it” said Mayville. “When they become young adults and later adults, they can maybe do something about recycling or global warming from an interest that sparked when they were in grade school.”

The event is also a learning experience for the DeSales students. “Each of the college students need to develop and understand the concept and develop a way to teach children that helps them to understand it,” continued Mayville. “They need to learn and completely know their concept to relay it to these kids.”

Approximately 70 DeSales students volunteered to help with the event. Junior biology major Nicole Brandstetter, the student coordinator for Environment Day, wants to make sure the children leave Environment day with a positive impression.

 “I want them to see that science is fun and exciting,” she said. “It's not just sitting in a classroom, science is something you can apply everyday.”

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