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Actuary Club

An actuary is a business professional who specializes in the management of risk. Actuaries typically find employment within the insurance industry, and consistently earn high rankings in career satisfaction surveys. The DeSales Actuary Club is an organization dedicated to helping students pursuing the actuarial profession. This means that the DeSales Actuary Club assists students through the challenging exam process, collects study materials for future students, and aids in looking for internship opportunities for its members. Finally, the DeSales Actuary Club actively promotes knowledge of the actuary career.


Here is the DSU 2015 Actuary Club and a local Actuary guest speaker.

The DeSales actuary club has set up study groups for exam 1/P (Probability) and 2/FM (Financial Mathematics). It has also shadowed at the local pensions consulting firm Beyer-Barber Company and has hosted guest speakers from the actuary profession.





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