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Meet William Fitzgerald ’21, Leadership Scholarship Winner

by Janelle Hill | Oct 25, 2017

William Fitzgerald ’21, Computer Science
Seton Hall Preparatory School, Fairfield, N.J.
Varsity lacrosse, Wounded Warriors Project, Gaelic Society, Pirate Nation, Conservative Society

“I love the atmosphere, community, and just overall feel of DeSales. It was the first college I toured, and after that I just knew I belonged here.”

What was your Leadership Scholarship essay about?
I wrote about how I found humanity through completion of my Eagle Scout project. I designed and built dining tables for St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Newark. Completion of my project provided the hungry a place to stand and eat after accepting food from the service line. I learned that the hungry are real people with real struggles.

What does the Leadership Scholarship mean to you?
To me, it’s huge. Aside from the financial benefit, it validates to me that I am heading in the right direction in life.

Advice for applicants who are worried about the interview process?
Believe it or not the interview process for me was the most enjoyable part. Opening the interview with a joke about tying my own tie, I found myself building a connection with each interviewer. My experiences with Scouting rank promotions provided me with a lot of experience in the interview process.

Fun Fact?
I am a volunteer firefighter in my community.

About the DeSales Leadership Scholarship 

The leadership scholarship is a Full -Tuition scholarship offered to six students who have shown outstanding leadership in their high school careers and who plan to continue to develop those skills at DeSales. 

To enter for a chance to win, tell us about your character and leadership experience by selecting one of the following leadership traits and writing an essay (500 words or less) on that selected trait: 

  • Courage

  • Humanity

  • Justice

  • Temperance

  • Wisdom

  • Transcendence

Finalists will be invited for an interview with student life staff to determine the winners. 

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