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Dr. Michelle Bolger Interviewed About Gun Violence in Allentown, PA

by Kristin Laudenslager | Nov 13, 2017

The Morning Call contacted Dr. Michelle Bolger for a breaking news story regarding the multiple shootings that have taken place in Allentown recently.

Allentown teen latest victim in record year of gun deaths
By  Manuel Gamiz Jr. and Frank Warner

From the article:

"Michelle Bolger, assistant professor of criminal justice at DeSales University, said gun deaths spiked in the 1990s but then dropped. There was relative stability until 2014, when violence increased in some of the country’s bigger cities, such as Chicago and Baltimore, Bolger said. After an increase in gun violence last year, this year appears to be seeing a decrease nationally, she said.

“To the average citizen it’s alarming and dangerous,” she said.

Bolger said that while the increase in gunshot homicides appears frightening, most homicides are targeted and retaliatory in nature.

“Your chances of driving down Hamilton and getting shot through your car window are still low,” she said.

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