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DeSales Receives Award of Commendation from Allentown Police

by Janelle Hill | May 25, 2017


Dr. Karen Doyle Walton (center), provost and vice president for academic affairs, receives an Award of Commendation from Daryl Hendricks, vice president of Allentown City Council.

DeSales University has received an Award of Commendation from the Allentown Police Department for a recent $5,000 donation.  

Members of the department presented Dr. Karen Doyle Walton, provost and vice president for academic affairs, with the award on Wednesday, May 17, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Allentown.

“This is new for us,” says Dr. Michelle Bolger, assistant professor in the criminal justice program, which contributed a portion of the University’s donation. “It's a nice recognition of the donation and I think that it solidifies our relationship with Allentown.”

The department is putting the money toward a new shooting simulator —an interactive training tool that puts officers in real-life situations. “It's about as close as you can get to simulate those situations, those split-second decisions,” Bolger says. “You feel acute levels of stress even though it’s fake. It's a really good technology.”

Nine organizations, including DeSales, donated funds for the simulator. The department also honored 83 police officers, as well as area businesses, residents, and students. DeSales student Caitlin Scargle also received an award for her participation in the APD Internship Program.

In addition to the internship program, DeSales offers the ACT 120 program, which provides basic training for aspiring police officers and establishes a direct connection to the academy. “We really value our relationship with the APD,” says Bolger. “They're really great on all ends of the spectrum.” 

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