What to do with this major:

As with most Liberal Arts majors, two related questions are often asked:  Why major in this area?  What can I “do” with this major?

The questions go together, but let’s consider the second one first.  Simply put, Theology majors can do whatever they want!

Because Theology studies what is essential to life – how human happiness is ultimately connected to what is supernatural and transcendent (God) – this major prepares you for any and every career.  As Pope Benedict XVI describes it in Light of the World:

“The important thing today is to see that God exists, that God matters to us, and that he answers us.  And, conversely, that if (God) is omitted, everything else might be as clever as can be – yet man then loses his dignity and his authentic humanity and, thus, the essential thing breaks down.”

Theology also offers you the “transferable skills” that employers seek.  It develops intellectual habits the bring faith and reason together in terms of critical thinking, effective communication (in both speech and writing), and cultural interaction.  This is why Theology majors can enter and succeed in diverse careers, such as

  • Law … where Justice is paramount

  • Politics & Government … with insights into what makes a good society

  • Education … by handing on a sacred tradition

  • Healthcare … as infused with biomedical ethics

  • Ministry … to enable all forms of evangelization

In addition to those in graduate schools, Theology alumni from DSU are employed in all these areas. We’d be happy to put you in contact with any of them if you’d like to learn more!

As to the first question, what you’ll learn from our alumni, as we have, is that the study of Theology offers so much more than just practical preparation for a career.  After all, Theology is not just about witness, but about holiness!  It helps transform the way we look at what life means, based on the revelation of that meaning by God. 

Here at DSU, we believe that the study of Theology opens the door to a worthwhile future.  We have even structured the Theology program in such a way that it’s easy to combine this with a dual major in another area of study.  Our faculty is convinced that Theology, particularly as it is studied within the Catholic intellectual tradition and the legacy of Salesian spirituality, can help you to gain that “inspired common sense” that enables you to “be what you are, and be that perfectly well.”

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